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SCL100ML$14.90 Unit: 1

Stokolan® Classic Cream 100ml Tube

Dry | Stressed Skin (use after work)

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SCL100ML | Stokolan® Classic Cream

Enriched Skin Conditioning Cream
100ml Tube

Stokolan® Classic is a concentrated moisturising and conditioning cream to help restore moisture in dry and stressed skin.

• Environmentally Certified
• Perfumed
• Silicone-Free
• Suitable for Allergy Sufferers & Eczema Prone Skin
• Suitable for face
• Whole Body Use

• Enriched skin conditioning formula - hydrates and nourishes deeply to help recondition work stressed skin.
• Restores skin barrier - clinically proven to support regeneration of the skin's own natural barrier function when used regularly.
• Contains pharmaceutical Lanolin - a natural lipid known for its excellent moisturizing and skin nourishing properties.
• Rich in moisturizers - high levels of Glycerin and Urea enhance the water holding capacity of the skin's upper layers, supporting the skin’s own moisture system and improving skin elasticity.

Where To Use: For use in industrial and healthcare environments, especially where employees are prone to dry or stressed skin.
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SDA1L$75.56 Unit: 1

Stokoderm® Advanced Cream 1L Cartridge

Oil | Grease | Lubricants | Detergents

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SDA1L | Stokoderm® Advanced Cream

Advanced Skin Protection Cream
1 Litre Cartridge
For use with PRO1LDS | Deb Stoko Protect 1L Dispenser (Not Included)

• Perfumed
• Silicone-Free

• Universal, unique dual action formulation - protects the skin from varying types of heavy contamination while facilitating skin cleansing.
• Advanced protection film - unique formulation forms a multi-functional protection film on the skin surface; effective against a wide range of substances, helping to stop stubborn types of dirt from clinging to the skin.
• Contains Algin - a natural film building hydrocolloid which helps strengthen and reinforce the protective film on the skin for greater durability.
• Special soil-suspending emulsifier - blend of surfactants in the protective layer are activated by pre-rinsing hands with just clean water, enabling removal of most soiling; this allows use of a light hand cleanser only to remove any remaining soiling.

Where To Use: Heavy, changing contamination; gloves not worn