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EY3641LS1S57$709.00 Unit: 1


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EY3641LS1S57 - 14.4V Cordless Sealing Gun
This 14.4V Sealing Gun is perfect for all plumbing, joinery, glass installation, fire stop installation and sealing applications. The EY3641LS1S57 is compact, well balanced and easy to operate for extended periods thanks to our industry leading 4.2Ah Li-ion battery technology.

• 4410N (450Kgf) Ejection Pressure.
• One Hand Operation On/Off.
• 5 Speed Electric Speed Control for Correct Material Dosage.
• 600ml Metal Barrel and Full Metal Gearbox for High Reliability.
• Drip prevention mechanism for clean finished work.
• Full-metal gearbox for high reliability.
• 360-degree rotatable tube holder for free injection tool angle setting helps comfortable work.
• Rubberized grip for comfortable work.
• With 1 battery pack, battery charger (EY0L82) and carrying case.
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EY3743B57$179.00 Unit: 1


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EY3743B57 - High Performance Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic EY3743B57 14.4V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features powerful suction that picks up masonry dust, wood chippings and iron swarf, making it easier and quicker to clean up after jobs.

• Dust storage 180ml
• Noise 74 dB(A)
• Run time of use with EY9L45B57 battery (14.4V)
- level 1: 37 min.
- level 2: 52 min.
• Accessories: Nozzles 4

Size (LxHxW) / Weight (excluding battery pack): 366mm x 143mm x 107mm / 0.94 kg

Uses 14.4V 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack only.

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included.
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EY37A1B57$199.00 Unit: 1


Dual Voltage 14.4V or 18.0V Lithium ION

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EY37A1B57 - Air Blower

The Panasonic EY37A1B57 Dual Voltage Cordless Blower features high wind speed and powerful air volume with variable air volume control making work quicker and easier. The blower accepts either the Panasonic 14.4V or 18V Li-ion battery packs.

• Dual Voltage (14.4V/18V)
• Powerful air volume and wind speed
• Variable air volume control

Size (LxHxW) / Weight (excluding battery pack): 370mm x 213mm x 148mm / 1.20kg

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included.
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EY37A2B57$389.00 Unit: 1

Panasonic Portable Bluetooth Radio (Skin Only)

Dual Voltage 14.4V or 18.0V Lithium ION

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EY37A2B57 - Portable Bluetooth® Radio

Enjoy web access, Smartphone apps or stream your music digitally via Bluetooth® connectivity. You can connect your smart devices to the portable radio / speaker system via Bluetooth®. It is also equipped with onboard USB charging so you can charge your smart phone whilst on jobsites. The EY37A2B57 is equipped with high-quality speakers located on the front of the stereo for the best audio performance in a compact body. It also has 5 feature settings so you can choose the best tone for the type of music you are listening to. You can even manually set you own preferred levels with Bass / Treble.

Main Features:
• Tough IP64 Rating - dust and splash proof
• Equipped with an LED Light, Alarm and Sleep functions
• Dual Voltage - 14.4 / 18V

*The radio cannot be used as a charger for powertool batteries.

Technical Specifications:
• AC power adaptor: DC12 V/1500mA
• Battery Back up: UM-3 (AA size) × 2
• Bluetooth® version: 58625 / 4.0
• Compatible Bluetooth® profile: A2DP
• Frequency range:
- FM 87.5-108MHz (0.05MHz/step)
- AM (MW) 522-1629kHz (9kHz/step)
• Loudspeaker: 3.5 inches 8ohm × 2
• Output Power:
- When using AC power adaptor: 1.7W × 2
- When using 14.4 V battery pack: 2.6W × 2
- When using 18 V battery pack: 4.5W × 2
• Dimension (W × H × D): 344mm × 280mm × 239mm
• Weight: 4.0 kg (without battery)
• Power consumption: Max. 7W / 0.12W (Standby mode)

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EY37C1B57$59.00 Unit: 1

Panasonic 14.4/18/21.6V xenon Torch (Skin Only)**

Multi Voltage 14.4V, 18.0V or 21.6V Lithium ION

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EY37C1B57 - Multi Voltage Cordless Flashlight

This multi voltage Flashlight will accept 14.4V, 18V & 21.6V Panasonic Li-ion Battery Packs, giving you much greater versatility regarding hours of use. It also features an adjustable head angle, so you can direct the light projection exactly where you are working and a low battery indicator so you will not be caught in the dark.

• Brightness of approx. 4,000 Lux
• Adjustable head angle (Four steps)
• Low battery indication
• Shoulder strap

Technical Specifications:
• Bulb: Xenon 0.49 A
• Size (LxHxW): Max.279mm x 124mm x 90mm
• Weight (excluding battery pack): 0.34 kg
• Battery Packs and Hours of Use:
- 18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54B57) | Approx. 7 hours
- 14.4V / 4.2Ah (EY9L45B57) | Approx. 5 hours 10 minutes

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included.
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EY4541X57$289.00 Unit: 1


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EY4541X57 - 14.4V High Performance Cordless Jigsaw

The EY4541X57 has a low centre of gravity and low vibration design to deliver smooth and stable cutting. It delivers 2,400 strokes per minute, a stroke length of 3/4 inches and a bevel of 45 degrees. The tool's 3-stage orbital action is ideal for cutting wood. It uses T-shaped blades that eliminate the need for tools during a blade change. The convenient location of the trigger and safety switch lock lever permits safe and easy one-handed operation, ideal for general construction and carpentry.

Key Features:
• Lightweight 2.2 kg
• 4 Stage Pendulum Action
• Cutting Angle Adjustment (0° - 45°)
• Air Blow Function keeps Cutting Line Clear
• LED Light for Support

• Cutting Performance: Wood - 65mm | Mild steel - 6mm | Aluminium - 10mm
• Pendulum Action Stages: 4 (0 • 1-3)
• Stroke length: 20 mm
• Strokes per Minute at no load: 0-2400/min
• Max. thickness of mounting blade: 1.3mm
• Size (LxHxW) / Weight (including battery pack): 277 mm x 177 mm x 63 mm / 2.25 kg
• Battery Pack and Charging time (using EY0L82B57): 14.4V / 4.2Ah (EY9L45B57)
• Usable: 50min. / Full:60min.
• Capacity: Particle Board - t=20 mm x 2 / 7.0 m/charge | SPC - t=1.6 mm / 9.5 m/charge

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included. Use ONLY 14.4V 4.2Ah Battery Pack (EY9L45B57)
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EY45A1X57$419.00 Unit: 1

Panasonic 14.4/18V Reciprocal Saw (Skin Only)

Dual Voltage 14.4V or 18.0V Lithium ION

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EY45A1X57 - High Speed Demolition Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The Panasonic EY45A1X57 14.4V/18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw offers high speed demolition performance for longer periods of continuous use, when using a high capacity 4.2Ah Li-ion battery cell. A keyless blade clamping system also makes blade replacement super easy and with anti-vibration springs technology the Reciprocating Saw absorbs shock, for use with less fatigue over long periods at the work site.

Key Features:
• IP56 rated, easy blade replacement, safety switch lock lever
• Ideal for carpentry, plumbing, electrician, demolition/installation
• Dual voltage for use with either a 14.4V or 18V battery

• Compact Size (LxHxW): 460mm x 210mm x 87mm
• Weight: 3.4 kg (incl Battery)
• Charging Usable: 50 mins, Full: 65 mins
• Stroke Per Minute: 0-2,800 rpm
• Stroke Length: 28 mm
• Cutting Depth Adjustment: 0-28 mm
• Blades: 1 x Metal, 1 x Wood (Included)
• Max. Cutting Size: PVC Pipe: 130mm | Wood: 235mm dia
• Easy Blade Replacement: Yes
• Safety Switch Lock Lever: Yes
• Anti Vibration: Yes

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included.
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EY45A2XM57$349.00 Unit: 1


Dual Voltage 14.4V or 18.0V Lithium ION

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EY45A2XM57 - Multi-Purpose Cutter

The Panasonic EY45A2XM57 Dual Voltage Cordless Multi Purpose Cutter provides more than enough punch using motors with high magnets, heat resistant brushes and built-in cooling fans. The Multi Purpose Cutter is lightweight, compact and powerful when paired with a 14.4V or 18V Li-ion battery capacity. Spark-free metal cutting with no de-burring and accurate cuts in wood and plastic make this the ideal tool not only for sheet metal trades but for electricians, plumbers and for exhibition stand construction.

Key Features
• Dual voltage can be used 14.4V or 18V.
• Longer runtime with high capacity Li-Ion 4.2Ah battery pack.
• Electric brake and safety switch lock.
• Cutting edge is easily seen through a transparent window.
• In line ergonomic design for comfortable cutting.
• Shaft lock button for easy blade replacement.

• Speed at No Load: 4500 min-1 (rpm)
• Blade Size: Outer diameter 135mm | Arbor size 20mm
• Cutting Depth: 0-46 mm
• Size (LxHxW) / Weight (including battery pack): [LJ] 343mm x 228mm x 160mm / 2.75 kg | [PN] 328mm x 228mm x 160mm / 2.55 kg
• Battery Pack and Charging time (using EY0L82B): [LJ] 18V / 5.0Ah (EY9L54B) Usable - 65min. / Full:80min
• Battery Pack and Charging time (using EY0L82B): [PN] 18V / 3.0Ah (EY9L53B) Usable - 45min. / Full:60min.
• Capacity [LJ]: Conduit Pipe - 25.4mm t=1.2mm 340 pcs/charge | SPC - 450mm t=1.6mm 25 pcs/charge | Plywood - 900 mm t=12mm 120 pcs/charge | PVC Pipe - 38 mm t=3.5mm 210 pcs/charge
• Capacity [PN]: Conduit Pipe - 25.4mm t=1.2mm 200 pcs/charge | SPC - 450mm t=1.6mm 14 pcs/charge | Plywood - 900 mm t=12mm 75 pcs/charge | PVC Pipe - 38 mm t=3.5mm 130 pcs/charge

*Battery pack and battery charger are not included.

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EY46A2X57$349.00 Unit: 1


Dual Voltage 14.4V or 18.0V Lithium ION

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EY46A2X57 – 125mm Angle Grinder

Ideal for: metal fabrication, electrical installation work, plumbing and general construction. Features a large motor capable of continuing to operate even under substantial load while still allowing a compact tool body.

• Dual Voltage – 14.4V or 18V
• High power metal cutting and grinding with 18V
• High speed: 10,000rpm at no load
• Longer running with high capacity Li-Ion 4.2Ah battery pack
• 125mm wheel diameter
• Indicator lamp for on lock start prevention function

The grinder will not start when the battery pack is inserted with the switch at the ON position.

*Battery pack, battery charger and grinding wheel are not included.