Vernier Calipers
Calipers are an all round instrument with a relatively high measuring accuracy. Calipers are recommended for measuring where 0.1 measuring is required.
Measuring with vernier calipers means that values less than 1 mm are read by a vernier scale. The zero mark of the vernier scale indicates the measured value in integer mm on the base scale.
Some calipers have a parallax free scale which makes the vernier reading easier and more reliable. Parallax free means that the scales are positioned at the same level and this prevents incorrect reading as the eye’s line of sight towards the scale is not perpendicular. Even easier to read are of course the electronic measuring products with digital displays.
Dial calipers are very easy to read and especially when comparing check measurements. The indicator gives a clear visual picture of how big the difference is between the measured values. Calipers are frequently used as they are such universal tools/instruments. You can measure both outer, inner and depth dimensions. Calipers with 4-functions also have the possibility to measure steps, etc. and they are useful when scribing and marking out.